Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning service is unmatched in the industry. While working inside, all employees wear booties over their shoes to protect your carpet, tile and wood flooring. Our ladders have cloth covers on the tips to protect your walls and floors. NO SCRAPER BLADES are ever used as they can scratch and ruin your glass.

When cleaning outside windows, we wipe all cob webs around the window frames and wash down all sills. If you have any hard water stains on your windows, they can be removed upon request. An extra charge for this will apply as it is labor intensive.

When cleaning inside windows, we lay down clean drop cloths, cover everything that could get wet and move all furniture and items away from the windows. Windows are thoroughly cleaned with Glass Gleam, a bio-degradable cleaner. We squeegee the window and wipe the sides and corners with a soft cloth. Sills are wiped clean and door jams and thresholds are cleaned of any dirt, cob webs and dead insects. Cleaning of window tracking is optional and can be cleaned upon request. An extra charge for this will apply as it is labor intensive.

Screens are washed with a soft bristle brush and soapy solution before being rinsed, dried and returned back to the window.

If your home has recently been painted or new windows have been installed, you may require paint and silicone removal. For a small extra charge, we can remove all paint and silicone from your windows by using 3 aught steel wool and elbow power. 3 aught steel wool can take longer than using scraper blades, but will not scratch the glass.

All wall mirrors, including bathroom, closet door mirrors and decorative mirrors can also be cleaned at the customer’s request.

Bathroom shower glass can be cleaned and the filmy soap residue removed bringing the shower glass back to its original condition.

Aladdin also provides chandelier, interior or exterior fixture, ceiling fan, lantern and glass table cleaning upon request.