Pressure Washing

Our pressure washing service is designed to restore the original look of a surface.  This procedure can remove mildew, algae, cobwebs, black mold and other unsightly stains.  It can also bring back the original look to wood decks and fences, stucco, brick, flagstone, terra cotta tiles and aggregate.  Almost any surface can be pressure washed including house exteriors and roofs.

Aladdin takes extra care in preparing your home for pressure washing.  All doors, vents and windows are taped where necessary to prevent water leakage into the house.

In preparing outdoor surfaces for pressure washing, Aladdin will lay down safe, eco-friendly outdoor bleach to get rid of stubborn stains, mildew, algae and mold. The following surfaces can be pressure washed rather than going through the costly procedure of replacement, resurfacing or re-painting:

• House Exteriors
• Wood Decks
• Wood Fences
• Patio Cement or Walkways
• Stucco
• Aggregate
• Flagstone
• Terra Cotta Tiles
• Brick & Brick Retainer Walls
• Pool Decks
• Exterior Surfaces Prior to Painting
• Roofs
• Driveways
• Sidewalks
• Awnings
• Patio Furniture